13 Sep 25 Nov

Fresh from the studios

  • Locatie

    Outsider Art Gallery

  • Tijd

    12:00 - 17:00 hrs

  • Datum

    13 September 23 - 25 November 23

A selection of the most beautiful works on paper and freshly fired raku ceramics.

Meet and Greet the artists Thursday 12 October between 3 and 4!

Every Wednesday morning, under the inspiring guidance of a volunteer and an art facilitator, artists from Outsider Art Ateliers explore the boundaries of painting and drawing. Splashes, smudges, ink, pencil, pastel, paint and much more. Everything you can think of has been tried. Sometimes inspired by a museum visit, but the own imagination is also put to the test. A true Valhalla for artlovers.

Every year the ceramics studio of Bijzonder Amsterdams goes on a raku firing week. This is a true experience, fiery red and boiling hot, the ceramic pieces are removed from open fires or primitive ovens and then cooled in the air, after which they are placed in a container with sawdust. Due to the sudden drop in temperature, the glaze cracks and the burnt sawdust gives the typical black-rimmed cracks. Sculptures of Dutch cattle, quirky creatures and much more can be enjoyed in this exhibition!