19 Oct 27 Nov


  • Locatie

    Outsider Art Gallery

  • Tijd

    12 - 17 hrs

  • Datum

    19 October 22 - 27 November 22

Amsterdam is the city where Outsider Art Gallery is located, right in the center! Most outsider artists who work in the studios above live in Amsterdam. Some were even born here and never left the city. Others arrived later in Amsterdam, sometimes from another part of the country, sometimes from a completely different place in the world.

How do outsider artists experience their life in Amsterdam? What images do they take in, make their own and then create?

With the exhibition MY AMSTERDAM, Outsider Art Galerie wants to pay tribute to the city with a multicolored presentation. Not only the Amsterdam outsider artists show their vision of the city, but also recent and non-residents. How do artists with a migration background experience Amsterdam? Is ‘our city’ a safe haven for them? What do they see and notice? How do outsider artists from another province view our city? Do they make different images than the Amsterdam outsiders?

Amsterdam, beautiful and free city for everyone, therefore: MY AMSTERDAM

With various artists.

Image: Cor Pieters, Mercatorplein (after Ed van der Elsken)