16 Dec 02 Mar

Tap it and it sings

  • Locatie

    Outsider Art Gallery

  • Tijd

    15:00 - 16:00 hrs

  • Datum

    16 December 23 - 02 March 24

14 artists affiliated with Reakt The Hague (Parnassia Group) created a book with their own texts and images in collaboration with the fictional bookstore Maldoracca – an artist initiative by Ibrahim R. Ineke and Anthony Blokdijk. The books are published via the print-on-demand system. The books and autonomous work are on view in this exhibition.

Participating artists:

F. van Abeelen
Anthony Blokdijk
Victoria Brown
Timothy Duncan
Marleen Hagenaar
Raphaël Ranôt Heckman
G.C. Heemskerk
Tino van Leeuwen
Fabio R. Mafficioli del Castelletto
Hakeem Al Mofti
Bernice Nauta
Saskia Semeins
Martijn Sluijter
Louis V.

Parnassia Group

Parnassia Group is the largest mental health care provider in the Netherlands.13,500 professionals help 180,000 clients every year with various mental health issues. They provide support at various locations and work on inclusion and diversity. Reakt, part of the group, helps people with mental health issues and addictions in their daily lives through work, social networks and health.