25 Feb 26 Mar

Crazy living

  • Location

    Outsider art Galerie

  • Time

    12:00 - 17:00

  • Date

    25 February 23 - 26 March 23

Who wouldn’t want to live in a sustainable caravan with animals on the roof in Festival City? Or strolling past beautiful buildings with Rastafarian colors?

In December 2022 artists from Outsider Art Ateliers did a workshop with 11 employees of Oost West Architecten. During this workshop, they dealt with a number of themes in small groups. Topics such as ‘housing shortage’, ‘sustainable building’ and ‘making the city more accessible to animals’ were discussed. Other artists wanted to depict their personal interests like ‘Paris and ‘a city in Ghana’.

In the weeks following the workshop, a number of artists continued to work on these themes and it was decided in a democratic consultation what title the exhibition should have: ‘Crazy Living’.

In addition to the workshop results, the exhibition Crazy Living shows autonomous sculptures, paintings and drawings with the theme of architecture.