Jescika van Overveld

Aalsmeer, 1969

Jescika van Overveld has been working as an artist for a long time, she started in about 1996 at a creative group in Diemen. In the beginning, Jescika's work was characterized by the endless repetition of small shapes such as beetles, birds and fish. Gradually, Jescika started to develop more and more. She has become a master at mixing colors and rendering texture. Very special, especially when you know that she can only see with one eye. She still likes to paint birds and fish, often using an existing image, but she also paints things 'from memory'. Her work is figurative and refers to visible reality. She has a great eye for color and detail. Her favorite colors are blue, skin color, a little purple and teal (sea color). How she deals with space and perspective is also very special; She does not use the linear perspective; but flips her images, as it were; it's like looking at the image from the front and from above at the same time. A wonderful experience. In 2013, Jescika took part in an international exchange project with studios from Amsterdam, Brighton and Cork.

  • Exposities

    2023 Outsider Art Galerie | De ware gezichten
    2023 Outsider Art Galerie | Waanzinnig wonen
    2022 Outsider Art Galerie | Summer Queens
    2022 Galerie Art Brut 058 Leeuwarden
    2022 Outsider Art Galerie | Bob van Brunschot x Ricardo Beltran Mazorra x Jescika van Overveld
    2020 Outsider Art Galerie | Het Gewone is Bijzonder
    2019 Museum Rijswijk | Workshoppresentatie Marielle van den Bergh
    2019 Outsider Art Galerie| Birds & Beasts
    2018 Outsider Art Galerie | Samen Bouwen/Building Together
    2018 Outsider Art Galerie | Oog voor anders / Watching over difference (photoproject)
    2017 Art Brut Biënnale Hengelo
    2015 Amsterdam Outsider Art Galerie | Creative Mix
    2010 Amsterdam Outsider Art Galerie
    2005 Het Grote Nationale Kunstwerk voor Koningin Beatrix | Apeldoorn

  • Publicaties

    The usual is special, Outsider Art Galerie, 2020
    Kroonjuwelen, Very Special Arts Nederland, 2005

  • Opdrachten

    2016 Painting for book cover Ciel Bleu, Okura Hotel, Amsterdam

Artworks by Jescika van Overveld