Lisanne Meijer

Amsterdam, 1997

Lisanne's work is in full development. It is very decorative with an eye for details. She likes to work in her sketchbook on refined, delicate drawings but she is also a master in painting portraits, still lifes and murals.

  • Exposities

    2023 Outsider Art Galerie | Nieuwe Oogst
    2022 Outsider Art Galerie | Summer Queens
    2020 Outsider Art Galerie | The usual is special
    2018 Outsider Art Galerie | Inspired by the Dutch Masters
    2017 Outsider Art Galerie | Building together

  • Publicaties

    The usual is special, Outsider Art Galerie, 2020

  • Opdrachten

    2019 A painting for taxi transport agency Munckhof
    2018 Mural for assisted living home Spreeuwenpark, Cordaan

Artworks by Lisanne Meijer