Regillio Benjamin

Paramaribo, 1974

Regillio Benjamin has been working as an artist since 1995. He comes from Suriname but moved to the Netherlands at a young age. His work is monumental, colorful and abstract with figurative elements. His figures seem to float in space, they are no longer a reflection of reality but a representation of his inner experiences. This creates an impression of a dynamic world full of color, shape and fantasy. Regillio Benjamin: 'I like painting, it keeps me busy, it's good for my concentration. I mix the colors, then I apply them to the canvas. But first I make a sketch. Sometimes abstract and sometimes about sports. In addition to being a painter, I am also an athlete in the 200 meters, I train twice a week in the Olympic Stadium.'

  • Exposities

    2023 Outsider Art Galerie | Nieuwe oogst
    2023 Outsider Art Galerie | De ware gezichten
    2023 Nest Den Haag | The grand palace of everyone 2021
    Koppelkerk Bredevoort
    2021 Outsiderwear Festival, Patta Store
    2020 Outsider Art Galerie | Het Gewone is Bijzonder
    2018 Outsider Art Galerie | Oog voor anders
    2018 Outsider Art Galerie | Samen bouwen
    2017 Outsider Art Museum
    2017 Sociale Verzekeringsbank Amstelveen
    2017 VU medical Centre 2016 Outsider Art Galerie

  • Publicaties

    Een dubbele dosis creativiteit, PS in Het Parool, 6 juli 2021
    Het gewone is bijzonder, Outsider Art Galerie
    2020 Catalogus Nieuwe Meesters, Outsider Art Museum, 2017

  • Collecties

    Outsider Art Museum

  • Opdrachten

    2020 - 2021 Outsider Wear | Regillio Benjamin X Patta. Samenwerking met Patta clothes 2
    016 Painting for book cover Ciel Bleu, Okura Hotel, Amsterdam

Artworks by Regillio Benjamin