Sijtse Keur

Amsterdam, 1951

Sijtse Keur was born and raised in Amsterdam. Sijtse Keur has been painting three days a week since 2005. Before that he had 'never put a stroke on paper'. He learned a lot in a short time, painted an entire oeuvre and had various exhibitions. 'I paint because I like it and it fascinates me, it comes from my heart.' His paintings have something of a patchwork, they are all pieces with different colors and subjects that are 'treated' in different ways; sometimes with textured paint, sometimes by scratching it with the back of a brush or drawing over it with oil pastel. Keur: 'then it comes to the foreground, I think that's nice, then it does something. I want people to be happy with my paintings. I used to make more dark paintings, now they are light.'

  • Exposities

    2023 De Keuze van Paul Klemann | Special Arts in Nicolaikerk Utrecht
    2023 Art Brut Galerij Deventer
    2023 MUKHA Antwerpen | participant in tentoonstelling Museumspelen
    2023 Nest Den Haag | Grand Palace of Everyone
    2022 Galerie Art Brut 058 Leeuwarden
    2022 Art Brut BIennale Hengelo
    2021 Koppelkerk Bredevoort
    2021 Open Ateliers Nieuwmarkt
    2021 Outsider Art Galerie | Sijtse Keur SOLO
    2021 Outsiderwear Festival
    2020 Outsider Art Galerie | Het gewone is bijzonder
    2019 Special Award genomineerde
    2018 Outsider Art Galerie | soloshow
    2018 Outsider Art Galerie | Samen bouwen / Building together, groupshow
    2017 Kunstrai Outsider Art plein
    2016 Outsider Art Galerie
    2015 Museum Jan van der Togt | Special Award
    2010 Amsterdam Outsider Art

  • Publicaties

    The usual is special , 2020
    Catalogus Special Award 2019
    Sijtse Keur, man van de vrijheid, Outsider Art Galerie, 2018
    Catalogus Special Award 2015

  • Collecties

    BankGiro Loterij

Artworks by Sijtse Keur