Wijnand de Vries

Amsterdam, 1973

Wijnand de Vries draws and paints since 2004. He is very passionate about nature and various cultures. He once visited Inda, Costa Rica, and travels quite often to Italy. The inspiraton he took from these countries reflect in his expressionist art.

  • Exhibitions

    2020 Outsider Art Galerie | Het Gewone is bijzonder
    2019 Special Award | nominaties
    2019 Outsider Art Galerie | Birds & Beasts
    2019 Outsider Art Galerie | Fine Fleur
    2017 Outsider Art Galerie | Special Award Winning Artists #2
    2017/2018 Outsider Art Museum | Nieuwe Meesters / New Masters
    2016 Perceptions of citizenship | Cork (Irl) | group show in various venues
    2015 Amsterdam Outsider Art | Creative Mix
    2011 Special Award, 2e prijs | Scheepvaart Museum

  • Publications

    Het gewone is bijzonder, Outsider Art Galerie, 2020
    Trouw, De schepping: Wijnand de Vries, schilderen met een beperking, 4/12/2016
    Catalogus Nieuwe Meesters, Outsider Art Museum
    Catalogus Special Award 2011
    Catalogus Special Award 2015
    Catalogus Special Award 2019

  • Collections

    Outsider Art Museum

  • Commissions

    Boekomslag 'Ciel Bleu Guestronomy', 2016

Artworks by Wijnand de Vries