Naomi Schupper

Concepción, Chili, 1965

Naomi Schupper was born in Chili from a German mother and a Dutch father. She lived in Israel and studied fashion in London. She was a fashion designer for years. Fashion still has a big influence in her work, as well as her personal and family history. Naomi reuses and upcycles materials like textile and jewelry in her art works.

  • Exposities

    2022 Art Brut Biennale Hengelo
    2021 Outsider Art Galerie | Soft and Powerful with Soul
    2021 Outsiderwear Festival Droogh Design
    2020 Outsider Art Galerie | Bert van Wijnen + Naomi Schupper + Marcello Pieter Stokhof

Artworks by Naomi Schupper